Bar Committees

Bar Headquarters Operations Committee

Oversees the operations of the Association’s Executive Office to ensure its maximum efficiency and performance.

Ira R. Deiches, Co-Chair
(856) 428-9696
Glenn A. Henkel, Co-Chair
(856) 795-7744

Bench-Bar Committee (Federal)

Maintains communication between the Federal Bench and Bar of Camden County and provides forum for discussion of matters of mutual interest and concern.

Michael V. Madden, Co-chair
(856) 428-9520

Budget and Finance Committee

Develops Association’s annual operating budget and monitors finances throughout the year.

Dawnn E. Briddell, Chair
(856) 874-4273

Bylaws Committee

Drafts proposed amendments to Association Bylaws and interprets the language of existing Bylaws when questions arise.

Dawnn E. Briddell, Co-chair
(856) 874-4273
Casey Price,  Co-chair
(856) 429-5522

CDR Committee

James D. Hamilton, Jr., Chair
(856) 365-7665

Civil Practice Committee

Focuses on all aspects of civil practice including arbitrations, differentiated case management, mediation and other dispute resolution programs in Camden County. Also serves as liaison to the bench in Camden County and provides a forum for discussion of matters of mutual interest and concern.

William F. Cook, Co-chair
(856) 854-8900
John L. Slimm, Co-chair
(856) 414-6000

Class Action Practice Committee

Shayna Slater, Co-chair
(215) 790-4583
Lisa J. Rodriguez, Co-chair
(856) 482-5222

Commercial Litigation Committee

Matthew Green, Co-chair
(856) 857-1413
J. Philip Kirchner, Co-Chair
(856) 661-2268
Ahmed Soliman, Co-chair
(856) 324-8313

Committee on Professionalism

Develops methods and means of addressing issues of lack of courtesy, civility and competence in dealings between attorneys and between attorneys and the Courts.

Steven M. Eisner, Co-chair
(856) 354-0300
Andrew B. Kushner, Co-Chair
(856) 627-8866

Continuing Legal Education Committee

Plans and schedules annual calendar of CLE seminars in diverse areas of legal interest and concern to inform, educate and assist Association members and non-member attorneys.

Craig D. Becker, Co-chair
(856) 273-0200
 Matthew T. Rooney, Co-chair
(856) 546-1350

Courthouse Facilities Committee

Assists the Court in efforts to improve and/or better utilize the space and facilities in the Hall of Justice; in its efforts to obtain additional space and/or facilities; and makes recommendations with respect to those subjects to the Board of Trustees.

Mark V. Oddo, Chair
(856) 365-7665

Criminal Practice Committee

Composed of attorneys who are criminal law practitioners or who have an interest in Criminal Law.  Focuses on all aspects of criminal practice. Serves as liaison to the bench in Camden County and provides a forum for discussion of matters of mutual  interest and concern.

Peter Crawford, Co-chair
(856) 225-8400
Justin T. Loughry, Co-chair
(856) 968-9201
 Timothy A. Wright, Co-chair
(856) 614-3500

Debtor-Creditor Relations Committee

Coordinates the debtor-creditor practice between the Bench and Bar in Camden County.

Carrie J. Boyle, Co-chair
(856) 482-5544
Nona L. Ostrove, Co-chair
(856) 566-4200

Elder Law & Disability Committee

Focuses on the special challenges and needs of senior citizens in the community, and develops programs to address those problems and needs.

Dana E. Bookbinder, Co-chair
(856) 722-8500
Maisie Chin Smith, Co-chair
(856) 287-3199

Family Law Committee

Coordinates the Family Law Practice between the Bench and Bar through the exchange of information between the judges assigned to the Matrimonial Bench and Family Law practitioners.

Michael A. Weinberg, Chair
(856) 795-2121

Government Liaison Committee

Act as liaison between the Association and Public Office holders to advance the interests of the profession and Association members in legislative matters.

Salvatore J. Siciliano, Chair
(856) 795-0500

Group Insurance Programs Committee

Responsible for researching and implementing group insurance plans to benefit Association members.

Glenn A. Henkel, Co-chair
(856) 795-7744
William Tobolsky, Co-chair
(856) 547-7888

Health Law Committee

Concerned with issues that affect the public and attorneys relative to health care.

Steven  S. Poulathas, Chair
(856) 382-2255

Hon. John F. Gerry Award Committee

Hon. Joel B. Rosen (ret.), Chair
(856) 488-7785

Hon. Peter J. Devine, Jr. Award Committee

Louis R. Moffa, Jr.
(856) 488-7740

Immigration Law

Joseph A. Connell, Sr., Co-chair
(856) 778-0590
Derek DeCosmo, Co-chair
(856) 365-0080
Shereen C. Chen Gray, Co-chair
(856) 888-7005

Labor & Employment Law Committee

Concentrates on Labor and employment laws and issues.

William F. Cook, Co-chair
(856) 854-8900
Janice G. Dubler, Co-chair
(856) 324-8284

Law Day

Brenda Lee Eutsler
(856) 428-2266

Lawyer Referral Service Advisory Committee

Organizes and oversees the operation of the Association’s Lawyer Referral Service, and promulgates rules for the conduct of the service and membership on its attorney panel.

John J. Palitto, Jr., Chair

Membership Committee

Responsible for programs and services that secure new and retain existing Association members.

Rachael B. Brekke, Co-chair
(856) 261-7386
Dawnn E. Briddell, Co-chair
(856) 874-4273

Memorials Committee

Robert Aaron Greenberg, Chair
(856) 429-1700

Municipal Court Committee

Gregory P. DeMichele, Co-Chair
(856) 546-1350
Jason C. Pollack, Co-Chair
(856) 304-7472

Nominating Committee

Responsible for developing the annual Association slate of officer and trustee nominees in accordance with Association By-laws.

Ronald G. Lieberman, Chair
(856) 795-9110

Personal Injury Law Committee

Composed of Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s Counsel who practice Personal Injury Law.

Tommie Ann Gibney, Co-chair
(856) 795-1444 ext102
Diane Tungol Magram
(856) 206-0060

Pro Bono Legal Services Committee

Establishes a format for providing legal services to indigent clients who do not meet the financial criteria to be served by South Jersey Regional Legal Services.

Gary W. Boguski, Co-Chair
(856) 234-2233
Ann M. Gorman, Vice Chair
(856) 964-9400

Probate and Trust Committee

Concentrate on Probate and Trust issues.

Glenn A. Henkel, Co-Chair
(856) 795-7744
Anthony R. LaRatta, Co-chair
(856) 795-2121

Public Benefits Committee

Plans and implements programs and events of a public service/charitable nature.

Rachael B. Brekke, Co-chair
(856) 261-7386
Heather Lowney Tran, Co-chair

Real Estate, Land Use & Environmental Law Committee

Charles G. Resnick, Chair
(856) 429-1414
Richard F. Roy, Jr., Vice Chair
(856) 234-4114

Superior Court Committee (Special Civil Part)

Jules A. Lieberman, Co-Chair
(856) 429-1050
Barry W. Rosenberg, Co-Chair
(856) 428-7111

Taxation Committee

Brian W. Donnelly, Co-Chair
(856) 428-4222
Eric A. Feldhake, Co-Chair
(856) 795-7744

Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee

Louis R. Moffa Jr., Chair
(856) 488-7740

Women in the Profession Committee

Focuses on issues and programs of interest to women lawyers.

Brenda Lee Eutsler, Co-chair
(856) 428-2266
Jenifer G. Fowler, Co-chair
(856) 354-1213

Workers’ Compensation Committee

Marci Hill Jordan, Co-Chair
(856) 874-4443
Alan L. Schwalbe, Co-Chair
(856) 429-5561

Young Lawyer Committee

Neel Bhuta
(856) 663-8200


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