Attorney Grievance Commission

Attorney Grievance Commission

All lawyers obligate themselves to uphold the law and abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct adopted by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Those who violate the standards for professional conduct are subject to discipline. 

This is a serious matter and requires proof of misconduct to justify disciplinary action. The lawyer’s action must then constitute unethical conduct before the lawyer can be disciplined. An honest disagreement about how a case should be handled or should not have been handled does not constitute misconduct, even if the outcome of the case is disappointing.

Here are a few examples of prohibited conduct, which, if proven, may be cause for discipline:

  • A lawyer cannot or will not give you money that he or she is holding on your behalf.
  • A lawyer continually fails to respond at all to inquiries about your case, to tell you about court dates, or to appear in court.
  • A lawyer advises you or anyone else to lie, or lies himself or herself in the course of a case.
  • A lawyer represents one party to a transaction while also the attorney for the other side, unless consented upon by both parties.

Questions in Camden County?

Contact District IV Ethics Committee Secretary John Palm 856.783.5463

Fee Disputes

All lawyers are required to explain in writing to new clients the basis or rate of the fee to be charged near the time the case is accepted. Fee matters are not ordinarily a basis for discipline of a lawyer because they usually do not involve questions of unethical conduct. Court rules require that fee disputes first be pursued with a district fee arbitration committee before being considered by an ethics committee.

Questions in Camden or Gloucester Counties?

Contact District IV Fee Arbitration Committee Secretary Daniel McCormack, Esq., 856.546.3999.


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