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Committee on Professionalism

Informal Diversion Program

The Camden County Bar Association’s Committee on Professionalism was created to address unprofessional conduct of attorneys and to act as a forum to address such grievances. The Committee created a grievance procedure to facilitate reporting unprofessional conduct and will work closely with the Assignment Judge in this process. Unprofessional conduct will be assessed, in part, according to the Code of Professionalism published by the CCBA.

The guiding principle of the Informal Diversion Program is to assist lawyers and judges in maintaining and improving professionalism in our practice and in our conduct toward the court, colleagues and clients. Complaints are addressed by the Committee at an early stage in the hope of avoiding further escalation of complaints that otherwise may find their way into the ethics or other serious remediation process.


When notified of a grievance, a member of the Committee on Professionalism, will provide the grievant with an intake form, which will be used to obtain information to assist in assessing the complaint. In addition to requests for basic information, the form will also let the grievant know that the Committee’s role is to address unprofessional conduct but not unethical conduct, and show the gravamen of the complaint facts which could involve a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct, and that the matter may be turned over to the District Ethics Committee.

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