Membership Form

Members Categories

  • Active - Any member of the Bar of New Jersey in good standing and residing or practicing in Cameden Country. Active Members alone may participate in and have the right to vote at Association meetings.
  • Affiliate - Individuals engaged in paralegal activity, court-appointed personnel and others whose daily and principal activity is with the courts and administration of justice.
  • Limited Law Student - Any law student attending an accredited law school may be admitted as a Limited Member of the Association without right to vote at meetings. Upon admission to the New Jersey Bar he or she may become an Active Member of the Association upon subscribing to the Bylaws without payment of dues until the expiration of the calendar year of admission to the Bar of New Jersey.
  • Associate -   Individuals not otherwise eligible for membership (Admitted on case by case basis, i.e, forensic accountants, etc.)
  • Faculty - Full-time faculty members of an accredited law school may be admitted to membership without right to vote.
  • Public Sector - Any full-time attorney employed by an agency of the state, federal, or local government, or employed full-time by a legal services corporation.

Annual Dues*

1st year at the Bar (of New Jersey) No Charge 2014
2nd year at the Bar $50 2013
3rd-5th year at the Bar $80 2010-2012
6th-9th year at the Bar $130 2006-2009
10th-40the year at the Bar $170 1976-2005
Over 40 years at the Bar of New Jersey $80 1974 & Before
Affilliate and Associate $80 ~
Faculty and Public Sector $80 ~
Limited Student No charge ~

*Membership year is from June 1 - May 31.


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