2016 Civil Practice Update Packet


A 200 Year Constitutional Retrospective and The Future of Attorney Advertising CLE Seminar

This seminar will help lawyers become comfortable with the present and future of attorney marketing through a retrospective of its past. The history of attorney advertising is fascinating, but it is more than that. The decades immediately following Bates v. Arizona were dominated by attorneys who spent the most money and shouted the loudest. But things are changing, as attorneys who market intelligently are able to neutralize the advantages of better-funded and louder-shouting firms.

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Taking & Defending Depositions CLE Seminar

This program will delve into the intricacies of conducting effective depositions. What are the do’s and don’ts of what a deposition can address? You are facing an aggressive adversary-how do you handle it succesfully?

Our panel of experts will provide you with tips and best practices for conducting successful depositions to achieve the results you want.

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When Pride Of Authorship Is Appropriate – Improving efficacy in brief writing & oral advocacy CLE Seminar

There are no more fundamental skills for a litigator than brief writing and oral advocacy. Your ability to convey complex arguments persuasively and present sensitive, technical or dense fact patterns favorably and succinctly will often make the difference between winning and losing for your clients. Your written and oral presentations also impact your professional reputation, and can alter the trajectory of your career. Our panel of distinguished jurists and practitioners will provide you with helpful insights on strategies and techniques for improving your written and oral advocacy skills.

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Effective Strategies For Developing And Maintaining Business CLE Seminar

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The New Jersey Compassionate Use Of Medical Marijuana Act (CUMMA)



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