Bire Financial Services

Bire Financial Services

Joel A. Goodhard


Dedicated to providing individuals and corporate clients with comprehensive support in creating their financial goals BIRE Financial plans and implements strategies to address investment, insurance, education, retirement, estate and business succession needs.

Business – services are offered to the business owner that include development and funding of a Buy-Sell agreement, Key Person coverages, Non-Qualified & Qualified Retirement Programs and Employee Benefits offered through a division of the firm, BIRE Benefits Group.

Individual – comprehensive strategies that may be right for individuals and their families are offered such as Life Insurance, Disability Income and Long Term Care.

Retirement – The issue of living too long and concerns about running- out of money are addressed. Individual and corporate programs are designed to allow the client to achieve long term retirement goals.

Estate – BIRE can assist in the design of programs allowing assets to be left to families and not
to the government.

For more information on BIRE Financial’s Insurance Programs for CCBA members, or to request a free quote, please contact:

Joel A. Goodhart

Contact the Camden County Bar Association
(856) 482-0620

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